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Why grease equipment?

Greasing your equipment is an important but often forgotten about task on the farm. Greasing is important to avoid any metal on metal contact on your machinery, which can cause lasting and expensive damage.

Some tips for lubricating your equipment:

Make it a habit: It is important to grease your machinery often so you should try to make it a part of your routine everytime you run your machinery.

Find a good weapon (grease gun): Finding the right grease gun is up to your preference, budget, and usage. Grease guns come in manual and electric versions, my preference is the battery powered guns because they are much easier to use, especially if you are greasing multiple machines. 

Understand the right amount of grease: More is not always better and less is not always more. When it comes to greasing machinery it is important to use the right amount. For most lubrication points a 2 – 3 pumps is a good amount but to be sure you can read your user manual or ask your local mechanic.

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