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What helps sell farm stuff faster?

What helps sell farm stuff faster?

We want to help keep your business moving and in order to do that we have come up with some tips on getting your farm goods sold faster.

Our tips:

  1. Make your listing searchable by adding relevant tags. The best way to decide what tags to add to your listing is by asking yourself, “If I needed this item what words would I use to search for it?”
  2. Make sure your pictures are as clear as possible. We’re not saying you need to hire a professional by any means, just make sure the sun is out when you are snapping pictures. Also, be sure to include pictures of any imperfections or differences in your listing versus other listings, this will ensure you have a smooth transaction.
  3. Add as many details as you want but keep the fluff out. We all want to gather as much info as possible in the small amount of free time that we have, so be clear and straightforward with what you’re selling. Include the price so that people know what you’re looking to get before they call.
  4. A tip from Machinery Pete is if you are the only one to ever own your equipment or the second person then start your title with that “1 OWNER”….”2ND OWNER”.

We hope these three quick tips help you sell faster and please reach out to us with any questions or concerns.

-Farmer John

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