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Dealer Spotlight: A Motto + A Community = Growth — Bucklin Tractor & Implement Co. in Kansas

Dealer Spotlight: A Motto + A Community = Growth — Bucklin Tractor & Implement Co. in Kansas

Bucklin Tractor & Implement Co. is a John Deere dealership in Kansas that is a staple in many communities throughout the state.  Ralph Estes began Bucklin Tractor & Implement Co. in 1944 as a family owned and operated business, which it remains today as two of the last four generations still work for the company full-time. Their first location was in Bucklin and over the years they have grown to a total of 6 locations across the state. Recently in 2017, they opened their newest location in Great Bend, Kansas.BTI Timeline

Their motto is straightforward and meaningful, “Our Family in Partnership with Your Family”. You can see their belief in this motto by the way they treat their customers and their employees. Their application of this mindset has allowed them to create a community of their own throughout the state. Karly Frederick, BTI’s Marketing Manager, discussed how their focus on customer success is what nurtures their culture. She said,  “Our customer’s success is our success and that culture and mindset changes how you do business.” Additionally, BTI believes in their employees because ultimately they are the faces that represent the company throughout the different locations across the state.

BTI & Greensburg 2007

When the EF5 tornado hit Greensburg, Kansas on May 4, 2007 the whole nation noticed and felt for the families that lost their homes, the school that was destroyed so close to the end of the year and the business’ that took damage or lost it all. One of those businesses that were destroyed was Bucklin Tractor & Implement Co.. After the destruction hit, the city of Greensburg came together with an outpouring of members of the community, as well as, the country to rebuild. Greensburg rebuilt their city with community and sustainability as their main focus and BTI was right there with them. BTI built a Platinum Elite compliant building, the videos below do a great job covering BTI’s involvement and Greensburg’s rebuilding process.

Digital Only: Greensburg, Kansas Tractor Dealership Iowa Public Television

The Weather Channel Returning to Greensburg, Kansas

Bucklin Tractor & Implement Co. looks forward to continue serving their communities in the future any way they can. They have been recognized by John Deere as a Dealer of Tomorrow, which means they believe in supporting customers and growing alongside them. We, at the Farmer John Company, have enjoyed working with Bucklin Tractor & Implement Co. on our operation and talking with Karly Frederick recently. Thank you for your continued support of our farm communities.

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