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3 Traits of a Successful Farmer

3 Traits of a Successful Farmer

After generations of farming, we’ve sat down to think about what it takes to get through the ups and downs. According to Farmer John much of his success in farming has been made possible by a great support system, plus these traits. In the end, the number one thing that unites those in agriculture is that it is worth it! All the late nights, stress and watching the markets are worth it to get to do what you love every day.

Perseverance, pure and simple it takes an unbelievable amount of perseverance to last in the agriculture industry. Perseverance to keep trying to make a profit every year and perseverance to take care of the land and livestock.

Ingenuity, it takes a daily dose of ingenuity to survive as a farmer. I remember we once owned a pick-up truck that you had to start with a vice-grip. Farmer John would always get out and grab the vice-grip and say, “Never leave the keys in the vehicle.” Whoever was with him would laugh, while simultaneously praying he would be able to start the pick-up when you got back in.

Number Sense, this a natural sense for most farmers because every farmer is an entrepreneur and their office is everywhere. A farmer might be in a tractor and need to figure out how much fertilizer they will be paying for per acre and how their potential profit will be affected.

Farming is a lifestyle and it’s a great one that so many of us love. We would also like to say thank you to all farmers and everyone keeping farming going, you do great work!

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